By Concept Privacy and Cookie Policy

As By Concept Aksesuar Anonim Şirketi (referred to as “By Concept”) within the framework of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, we attach great importance to the confidentiality of all personal data shared with us by our customers and business partners.

By Concept will be able to record, classify, process, store, update and disclose to third parties the personal data of our customers and business partners as a data controller within the scope of the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“Law”).

As By Concept, you accept and approve that our Company and our brands (“By Concept”, “we”, “our”) can collect, use and disclose the data collected during our relationship as specified in our Privacy Rules.

We recommend that the Privacy Rules in this Privacy and Cookie Policy may be changed from time to time when deemed necessary by By Concept, and that you frequently check the terms in the Privacy and Cookie Policy for the most applicable and applicable conditions.

a. Data We Collect

The concept of Personal Data is to identify you, such as personal information, especially identity information (name, surname, TR ID number, etc.), IP, address and telephone information, vehicle and plate information, bank account information, family status information, voice and image. or any information that will enable you to be identifiable. Special Quality Personal Data is data related to race, ethnicity, political thought, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, clothing, association, foundation or union membership, health, sexual life, criminal conviction and security measures, and biometric and means sensitive personal data such as genetic data.

Customer data, including personal data and special quality personal data, are processed by one of the following data collection methods from the relevant customers and within the scope of the customer’s consent. In addition, in cases expressly stipulated in the laws;

1. In case it is necessary to process the personal data of the parties to the contract, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract;

2. In cases where processing is necessary for By Concept to fulfill its legal obligations;

3. In cases where the personal data is made public by the person concerned;

4. In cases where data processing is obligatory for the establishment, exercise or protection of a right, customer data is processed limited to such legitimate purposes.

The data we collect can be grouped under two categories as we have stated below:

· Identifiable Data: This data refers to all identification information about you. In this context, Identifiable Data that we collect while using our site may include name – surname, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, employer and professional job data. We request Identifiable Data at the time of registration to use a system, when ordering a product or service, when certain promotional activities are performed, when a contract is signed, during customer visits, when filling out surveys and when contacting us. In the meantime, the data you have shared by us is processed by By Concept within the scope of KVKK by taking the relevant technical and administrative measures and is kept in line with the purpose.

· Non-Identifiable Data: These data refer to data that are not sufficient to identify a person on their own. In this context, the non-identifiable data we collect when you visit our site include the Uniform Resource Locator (URL, Uniform Resource Locator) of the website visited before entering this Site, which pages were visited within the site, the URL page that was visited afterwards, the browser used to enter the site. includes all kinds of search terms used while entering the site. In this Privacy Policy, you can find detailed information about how cookies are used by us in order to collect the data we have mentioned above and other technologies that are used to collect this data below.

b. Purpose of Data Processing

The purposes of processing the data obtained by By Concept from its customers and business partners are as follows:

1. Selling goods or services;

2. To perform delivery and installation services, to ensure the collection of necessary payments;

3. Performing after-sales maintenance and repair;

4. Fulfilling legal obligations arising from various legislations and answering consumer applications;

5. To inform customers about new products and campaigns by continuing advertising and marketing activities;

6. To present personalized content, campaigns and advertisements to Site users in accordance with their interests and needs, to group users for this purpose, to determine whether they are interested in the advertisements offered, to provide our customers and other users with an outstanding service and a smooth, efficient and personalized experience while using our Sites. ;

7. The number of users visiting the Site, user type, frequency of visits, user behaviors, from which site they came to the Site and which site was visited after the Site, geographical locations of users, etc. get statistics,

8. Meeting management reporting needs;

9. Ensuring the exercise of By Concept’s rights, including legal procedural situations or obtaining legal advice;

10. To keep the database of shopping history after the termination of the customer relationship or to use it as evidence in case of a dispute.

We may use Non-Identifiable Data within the framework of a collective understanding by analyzing customer behavior in order to analyze how users use the Sites and to measure their interest in various pages. This data is collected and processed for the purpose of improving the content of the Site and facilitating its use.

c. Collection Method of Personal Data

Your personal data; The information you transmit to us through our call center and website or via e-mail, SMS or other means, the Agreements we signed, the Commercial Offers offered, the customer visits we made, through the identification system called “cookies”, which allows our computers to automatically recognize you when you visit our website. It is collected through various channels, including business cards and other documents given by you within the scope of the scope of the project, and sources such as the trade registry, in verbal, written or electronic form, through various methods that are fully or partially automated or non-automatic as part of any data recording system.

These methods are briefly mentioned below;

· Browsing and Searching: We collect certain Identifiable Data when you visit sites or click various links for products and services. We collect this information to operate the Sites more efficiently, to gather broad demographics, to monitor the level of activity on the Sites, and to evaluate the effectiveness of our advertisements.

· Order: We collect Identified Data when you purchase products and services. We collect this information specifically for the purpose of placing your order, receiving payment and communicating with you about the status of your order.

· Technical support: We may collect certain information when you request support about By Concept products. This information is particularly needed to describe your systems, understand the configuration of products, diagnose your questions and provide solutions.

· Online surveys and surveys: We collect Identified data from our customers who volunteer to complete surveys and participate in surveys. We use this information specifically to improve our products and services.

· Promotional events: We collect personally identifiable data when you enter a promotional program or event. In particular, we use this information to register for programs and events, to send you promotional emails, to notify you of winners and to make the list of winners public in accordance with regulations and laws. More information on the use of marketing can be found below.

· Customer Visits: We save and store the business cards, contact information and other information you share during customer visits in our system later on. We then use this information in our sales, marketing and other activities.

· Newsletters and Promotional Emails: We collect Identifiable Data whenever you want to receive newsletters, promotional emails or other information. We use this information specifically to provide you with the information you request from us. More information on the use of marketing can be found below.

· Contact information: We maintain a record of your correspondence and comments, including Personally Identifiable Data, in a file specific to you at the time you contact us. We use this information to better serve you if you contact us again.

We accept and undertake that your Personal Data is kept for a reasonable period of time in line with the special purposes stated above and the general purposes specified in the previous heading.

d. Purpose of Use of Data

We process and store the data we obtain from you in order to inform you about promotions, news and new products that we think may be of interest to you, by letter, fax, telephone, text message and e-mail. The data you have shared with us, for these purposes, you consent to be communicated with you through the methods we have stated above. If you do not want to receive marketing information from us, please indicate your request in the registration or request form in the relevant places or contact us using the information below.

e.Transfer of Data

When we assign third parties to perform services on our behalf with the Identified Data you have shared with By Concept, we require that all technical and administrative measures required to be taken in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data regarding this data are checked.

From time to time, we may be asked to provide Identified Data as a result of a court order, subpoena, government investigation or legal investigation. At the same time, we reserve the right to report actions that we believe in our good faith are unlawful to the executive bodies.

By Concept can be acquired by or merged with another legal entity or the related assets of By Concept can be taken over. In the event of such a takeover, you allow By Concept to share some or all of your Identifiable Data so that it can continue to serve you and other users of the Site.

f. Consent for Personal Data

By sharing your personal data with us or by sharing your personal data and personal data of a private nature by using our site, you expressly consent to the processing of your data by us for the purposes mentioned above and the transfer and storage of your data to third parties with whom we have a business relationship when deemed necessary.

Similarly, in addition to the above, By Concept may transfer data to the following third parties within the framework of the above-mentioned legitimate purposes and legal limits: (1) institutions specified in laws and regulations; (2) dealers and other representatives and agencies; (3) tax advisers, auditors and other external professional advisers; (4) Third parties that provide products or services to By Concept, such as IT systems providers, customer satisfaction-oriented marketing programs.

g. Rights Regarding Personal Data

Regarding your data being processed within By Concept;

· To learn whether your data is processed,

If your data is being processed, to obtain information about them,

To learn what is the purpose of processing your data and whether your personal data is used in accordance with its purpose,

To learn who the third parties to whom the data is transferred, if any, at home or abroad, and which data is transferred,

· To request correction of data if it is incomplete or inaccurate,

You have the right to request the deletion or destruction of your processed data in case the reasons for processing your data disappear or the data loses its up-to-dateness.

You can always forward your requests regarding the correction or deletion of your data (if any, to notify the third parties to whom the data has been transferred) to By Concept via

h. Cookies (Cookies)

A cookie is information in the form of a small text file that is placed on an internet user’s hard drive. It is created by the web page server, which is basically the computer that runs the website. The information contained in the cookie is created by the server and can be used by that server when the user visits the site. A cookie can be thought of as an internet user’s identity card that tells the website that the user has returned.

The use of cookies allows us to provide you with certain features and tells us about visits to these websites. We may also use cookies to make sites more user-friendly. Although most browsers automatically accept cookies, you do not have to accept them. You can change your browser’s settings to opt-out and still continue to enjoy most of the sites’ features.

If you want to delete cookies stored on your computer, or if you want to prevent cookies from being accepted after this point, you should refer to the manufacturer’s instructions by clicking “Help” in your browser’s menu.

By using our website, you agree that we may place such cookies on your device.


We provide a secure server that will allow you to place orders and access your account information. This server encrypts your information before you send it to us. In addition, we would like to state that we have taken all technical and administrative measures to ensure that the data you have shared with us is kept safe, accurate and up-to-date and only for the period required for its intended use. In addition, the purchases you make through our site are subject to the terms and conditions on our site.

j. Disclaimer

From time to time, we may publish third party advertisements on our site. We would like to point out that we are not responsible for any damages that may arise from the content and privacy policies of these sites and third parties that advertise, or the way they process the information of their users.